Pump Sentry™ Battery Backup System

After researching battery back up systems for over three years, we have chosen the Pump Sentry as our only battery backup system.  Please call for a free estimate to protect your home in case of power failure.

Pump Sentry™ Battery Backup System

Pump Sentry is an innovative power station designed to operate your pump during a power outage.  Figure 1 shows the Pump Sentry’s simple interconnection between sump pump, battery and power line.  When electricity is present, the Pump Sentry charges a 12-volt battery and monitors the power line.  The instant that a power failure occurs, the Pump Sentry converts the energy stored in the AC power to operate your pump.  When AC utility power is restored, the Pump Sentry automatically switches your pump back to AC utility power, recharges the battery, and resumes monitoring the power line.  In absence of electricity, Pump Sentry will convert power from a deep cycle marine battery(ies) to operate a sump pump.  Under typical duty cycle conditions, using a single BCI group size 27 battery, such operation can be maintained for approximately 20 hours.  To obtain even more backup time, larger batteries or multiple battery banks can be configured.  Backup time is directly proportional to battery capacity.


Features and Benefits of Pump Sentry™

Operates with existing equipment — translates into Silent and Clean Operation

  • Optimum performance
  • Without the installation of additional pumps

Non Restrictive to single brand or pump style

  • can be kept in home basement or utility room

Easy Hook Up

  • No special tools or wiring necessary, plugs into standard wall outlet

Automatic Power Transfer

  • You do not have to be present to make it work

Automatic Recharge

  • You do not need to remember to recharge the battery
  • You Do not need an additional battery charger

Enables the combination of column and submersible pumps without special additions

  • no check valves or switches

Maintenance Free Operation

  • Needs no fuel, has no moving parts

Comprehensive Instruction Manual and Factory Support

  • Unconditional 1 year warranty on Sump Sentry only
  • no warranty is implied for misapplication – see instruction manual for correct usage

Manufactured by SEC America, LLC http://www.secamerica.com