Do you have a wet basement??

Crawl space - after

Crawl space footing drain installation

Severe moisture in crawl space in Clinton, CT


Do what Hans did to solve his water problems….

He called Silvester’s!

* Seepage from basement window wells and over sills
* Poor grading around the foundation
* Downspouts and leader drains too close to foundations
* Basement entrance ways and hatchways
* Cracks in the foundations at or below grade
* Joints where new and old foundations meet
* Non-visible undermining beneath basement floors
* Hydro-static pressure under the floor and at the seam
where the floor and walls meet

Violette Silvester & Sons, Inc. are experts in the waterproofing area to stop all these problems. This work would include interior footing drains, sump holes, sump pumps, basement window blocking, window well work, foundation cracks sealed on the interior and the exterior, tie rod hole waterproofing, chimney firebox draining and sealing holes from water, electric, sewer or well pipe entry. On the exterior we install curtain drains next to the foundation, gravity drains to take the water away from low areas, yard catch basins, dry wells for downspouts and leader drains and connections to the city storm sewer system. Our exterior digging work next to the foundation is done by hand. Our interior concrete breaking work is done by an electric jackhammer and an air powered jackhammer.

We offer a written five-year guarantee that no water will enter the basement in the areas we have performed our waterproofing work. A guarantee that can be depended upon.

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